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    Re Forest of Dean Coal Mining Co. Directors are bound to use fair and reasonable diligence in the management of company’s affairs, and to act honestly. Re City Equitable Fire Insurance Co Ltd A director’s duties are of intermittent nature to be performed at periodic board meetings and the meetings of any committee to which he is appointed.

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    17/10/2017· As a keen caver and proud freeminer the aerospace engineer already knew first-hand about the caverns and coal seams that lie underneath the thick woodlands of the Forest of Dean


    Samuel Long's involvement with coal mining in the Forest of Dean is confirmed in a document of dated 24th January 1856 document regarding Moseley Green New Engine Pit. This refers to earlier documents from 1842-1843 and indicates that when Samuel Long died he left his business interests to his three sons. His will has not however yet been located,

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    12/01/2019· Our 3 day road trip ended in the Forest of Dean looking for abandoned coal mines, they are all over the place and a bugger to find and the ones we found looking like death traps(all part of the fun). As well as walk in adits there are loads of "Air shafts" and they are deep f-ing deep. Coal mining has been taking place in the Forest of Dean since the 1600`s the last major coal mine closed in

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    08/10/2016· Coal Mining in the Forest of Dean was the topic of the talk given by Malcolm Bowring to the Ross Library Development Group in late September. He outlined the contrast of the quiet woods and tranquil paths that we know and love today, with the noisy, dirty industry of 100 years ago. At the peak of coal production, in 1914, 5,478 men were employed in the coal mines. There were about a dozen

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    The Forest of Dean Coalfield, underlying the Forest of Dean, in west Gloucestershire, is one of the smaller coalfields in the British Isles, although intensive mining during the 19th and 20th centuries has had enormous influence on the landscape, history, culture, and economy of the area.. For hundreds of years, mining in the Forest of Dean Coalfield has been regulated through a system of

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    Coal mining, on a small scale, had taken place in the area since before Roman times, but it was not until the industrial revolution, including the construction of coke-fired ironworks in the Forest itself, that exploitation of the Forest of Dean Coalfield occurred to any great degree. Initially, it proved impossible to produce coke from the local coal that was ideal for smelting and, almost

  • The history of geology and mining in the Forest of Dean

    Iron has been mined in the Forest of Dean since prehistoric times, and coal since at least Roman times, but how and when did an understanding of its geology evolve? This two-day field trip will explore the unique history of ‘free’ mining in the Forest of Dean, and how a gradual understanding of its geology facilitated exploration for these resources. A list of some of the places we will

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    21/01/2009· The Forest of Dean was shaped, in part, by mining. Many of the pits closed in the 1960s, such as the Northern United Colliery and BBC Points West

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    In Re, Forest of Dean Coal Mining Co. it was stated that function is everything; name matters nothing. So long as a person is duly appointed by the company to control the company’s business and authorised by the articles to contract in the company’s name and on its behalf , he functions as a director. A company is Indeed a person but juridical person and the directors as a body endow the

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    05/09/2016· Re Forest of Dean Coal mining Company. In the latter case, the directors of a company were seen to be trustees only in respect of the company’s funds or property which was either in their hands or which came under their control. But this does not necessarily make directors trustees.

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    In Re Bodega [1904] 1 Ch 276. In re Forest of Dean Coal Mining Co. (1878) 10 Ch. D. 450. In re Newspaper Proprietary Syndicate Ltd [1900] 2 Ch 349. John Shaw & Sons (Salford) Ltd v Shaw [1935] 2 KB 113 (CA). Kanakia v Ritzshelf 1004 CC t/a Passage to India and Another 2003 (2) SA 39 (D). Lipschitz and Another NNO v Wolpert and Abrahams 1977 (2

  • Coal Mining Subsidence Act 1991 Legislation.gov.uk

    An Act to repeal and re-enact with amendments the Coal-Mining (Subsidence) Act 1957 and, in the Coal Industry Act 1975, section 2(4) and paragraphs 1 to 4 of Schedule 1; to make provision for imposing further obligations on the British Coal Corporation, including obligations corresponding to those voluntarily accepted by them under their code of practice concerning compensation for subsidence

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    In the case of Re Forest of Dean Coal Mining Co [1878], it was formulated that, since directors are businessman, it is not expected to see them devoting much time and attention to the company or attending many board meeting but they are bound to use their knowledge fairly and reasonable diligence in managing the company. This section had some criticism on how diligence can be measured in

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    The relationship was further defined in Forest of Dean Coal Mining company case by Chancery Division in 1878 that directors, having been entrusted with the affairs of the company, are trustees of the company and therefore they are in a fiduciary relationship with the company. These judicial pronouncements have been universally accepted and applied all over and now the position of directors

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    Our main duties are to preserve Government records and to set standards in information management and re-use. files and reports from South Wales region relating to mining in Forest of Dean, Bristol and Somerset coal fields . Gloucestershire Archives. D7837 NRA 3514 Glos RO misc 22: c1930-70: reports and surveys relating to collieries in Forest of Dean, Bristol and Somerset coalfields

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    F 17 contains material on ironstone mining and stone quarrying in the Forest of Dean. Other relevant files previously held in F 3, F 16 and F 26 were transferred to Gloucestershire record office in 2002. 4.6 Palatinates of Durham (DURH) References to mining may be found in: DURH 3 Cursitor’s Records; PL 2 Close rolls; PL 3 Chancery warrants; PL 4 Inquisitions post mortem; PL 5 Commissions

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  • Peevyhouse v. Garland Coal & Mining Company Case

    Hydraform Products Corp. v. America Steel & Aluminum Corp127 N.H. 187, 498 A.2d 339 (1985) Laclede Gas Co. v. Amoco Oil Co522 F.2d 33 (8th Cir. 1975) Northern Indiana Public Service Co. v. Carbon County Coal Co; Walgreen Co. v. Sara Creek Property Co966 F.2d 273 (7th Cir. 1992)